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Originator of the “B-Sides” Movement!

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Affectionately known as “the voice”, Larry Williams is a veteran presenter with more than twenty years experience as a professional speaker and also a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association. He is a gifted orator that offers a polished presentation style. His articulate manner and smooth delivery is complimented by a commanding stage presence and unique ability to engage his audience. Attendees will find him to be motivating, informative and entertaining as he brings his topics “to life” in a candid and refreshing manner. In addition, Williams is an accomplished journalist with years of magazine by-lines to his credit. He has authored three amazing books on small business management, customer service and personal excellence. His latest book, Develop Your B-Sides, takes readers on a musical journey where they will discover compelling rationale for continued self-improvement in the areas of personal and professional development. Larry Williams offers inspiring presentations that are creatively unique and custom-tailored to your company, group, organization and/or conference. He is a professional speaker in the truest sense of the word. He is not a pitch man and does not do a product infomercial from the stage. Expect original content, masterfully delivered by one of the best in the business.